Evolve 2016
Taken from the Irish Times  25th November 2016

Simon O’Reilly – Evolve

Guitarist, composer and producer Simon O’Reilly started a finger-picking acoustic album a few years ago, but being an artist who has worked with ther likes of Davy Spillane, Twin Headed Wolf and Luka Bloom, and produced a clutch of film soundtracks, the songs soon began to grow in scope. O’Reilly plays 15 different instruments on the record (show-off), whittled 70 tracks down to 10, and 20 jazz and classical musicians were summoned to O’Reilly’s Lahinch studio to record. The result is a sample-free album of mostly instrumental music that is as much trip-hop and electronica as it is suitable for soundtracks. Evolve is a rich tapestry of soundscapes to lose yourself in.


Little Matador

Little Matador is a film about three child bull fighters in Mexico. It premiered at The Dublin International Film Festival and was Produced by Element Pictures. The score features The Contempo Quartet and Simons Spanish Guitar.

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